Repair & Renovation Solution

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Repair & Renovation Solution

Intellisol stands as a reliable provider of Repair & Renovation Solutions, dedicated to revitalizing residential and commercial spaces. With a focus on quality workmanship, our skilled team addresses structural repairs, interior upgrades, and exterior renovations, ensuring a comprehensive transformation that enhances the functionality and aesthetics of your property. Choose Intellisol for expert solutions that breathe new life into your living and working environments.
Civil works :

Intellisol specializes in Civil Works, offering expert solutions for construction, renovation, and infrastructure projects. Our skilled team ensures precision and quality, delivering reliable outcomes for a diverse range of civil engineering needs.

Painting solutions

Intellisol delivers top-notch Painting Solutions, transforming spaces with precision and vibrant aesthetics. Our professional painting services enhance the visual appeal of residential and commercial properties, ensuring a lasting and impeccable finish.

Roofing Solutions

Intellisol provides comprehensive Roofing Solutions, providing expert services for installation, repair, and maintenance. With a focus on quality materials and skilled workmanship, we ensure durable and weather-resistant roofing solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Fabrication works

Intellisol offers Fabrication Works, delivering precision and efficiency in metal fabrication for diverse industrial needs. Our skilled team ensures the production of high-quality custom metal structures, meeting the specific requirements of clients across various sectors.

Facade repairs

We offer Facade Repairs, offering specialized solutions to enhance the structural integrity and visual appeal of buildings. Our skilled team ensures meticulous restoration, addressing issues and revitalizing facades for lasting durability and aesthetic excellence.


Intellisol provides Waterproofing services, offering effective solutions to safeguard structures from water damage. Our expert team ensures thorough protection, preventing leaks and enhancing the longevity of residential and commercial buildings.

Plumbing solutions

Intellisol offers comprehensive Plumbing Solutions, delivering expert services for installation, maintenance, and repairs. Our skilled team ensures efficient and reliable plumbing systems for residential and commercial properties, addressing issues with precision and expertise.

Electrical Solutions

Intellisol specializes in Electrical Solutions, offering expert services for installation, maintenance, and upgrades. Our skilled team ensures the safety and efficiency of electrical systems in residential and commercial properties, providing reliable solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

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