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Emerging Trends that are shaping Facility Management


Maintaining a building, controlling expenses, and enforcing standards are just a few of the many duties that come with running a business. You won’t have to maintain your facility’s flawless operation on your own as a facility manager. It’s critical to your success to have up-to-date knowledge when it comes to energy expenses, compliance, using hybrid workplaces, sustainability, and other rising trends.

The facilities management market was estimated by Fortune Business Insights to be worth $1.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $1.8 billion by 2029. This expansion is explained by the fact that facilities management is now essential to any business. Facility management services are typically outsourced by businesses to free up staff time for mission-critical work toward key objectives. Technology is the main driver of the current disruption in the facilities management sector. New dimensions that are being created as a result of technological advancements will completely change the facilities management sector by 2024 and beyond.


1.Operations of Paperless Buildings

Finding methods to improve facility management’s cost-effectiveness is a common concern that is driving the current, notable global movement toward sustainability. Using a paperless strategy is the answer. Mobile technology can monitor energy consumption, keep tabs on asset performance, and plan routine maintenance. This strategy is a practical intervention that gives facility managers the ability to seize the initiative and effectively pinpoint flaws. Facilities managers can be informed and up to date with real-time updates for building occupants.

2.Energy Conservation At Low Cost

The key to cutting facility operating expenses is putting an energy-saving plan into action. This can be achieved by managers reducing the amount of unnecessary maintenance by employing context-aware technologies to monitor occupancy levels and real-time hotspots. Buildings account for around 40% of the world’s energy-related CO2 emissions, hence technology is essential to attaining sustainability.

It is essential to use FM software to proactively monitor building energy use in order to improve corporate sustainability efforts. Facility managers can optimize lighting, HVAC, and other aspects of the building and spot patterns in energy consumption with the help of thorough facility mapping. By doing this, environmental effects are reduced and energy savings are increased.

3.The FM Position Will Change from Being Reactive to Being Proactive

Thanks to equipment monitoring systems and data analytics, preventive and predictive maintenance tactics will become the cornerstone of facility management trends. Intelligent tools will be essential to facility management in order to monitor asset performance and anticipate possible equipment problems. This allows managers to respond to events more quickly and pro-actively. Proactive action is also likely to reduce possible safety risks and improve the resilience of facilities.

Facility managers can easily track assets and assign personnel to avoid maintenance problems with Intellimaint. One way to prevent disturbing tenants is to assign work during off-peak hours and identify the source of issues within the property. FM teams should avoid excessive costs by implementing preventive actions using real-time location intelligence.

4.An increased commitment to achieving ESG goals

In facility management, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting is becoming more and more important. It is a gauge for social responsibility and sustainability. Investors are putting more pressure on businesses that own and manage real estate to be more accountable and transparent as they become more conscious of the effects that corporate operations have on the environment and society. ESG reporting technologies are being used by facility managers and real estate owners to create detailed reports on sustainable performance and practices.

Building owners and facility managers may show their support for ESG objectives and pinpoint opportunities to increase sustainability by using reporting solutions. FM industries can learn more about the environmental impact of their buildings with the use of ESG reporting systems. They can also better comprehend the requirements and demands of their stakeholders and match their tactics to the more general objectives of sustainability and social responsibility. Facilities management will definitely be shaped by this trend in the future. Businesses work hard to satisfy the increasing consumer demand for environmentally friendly and socially conscious operations.

5.Using Automation to Get Around Productivity Limitations

RPA, or robotic process automation, shows promise in streamlining routine tasks like reservation bookings and performance evaluations. Facility managers are currently attempting to utilize its potential in more intricate domains, nevertheless.

Facilities managers can enhance security and sustainability measures by implementing RPA into their operations. In the industrial sector, for example, RPA can be helpful in enabling bots to identify suspicious materials inside facilities and report them to supervisors remotely. 

A thorough safety report on the building’s safety can be obtained by routine virtual auto audits of the HVAC system, emergency equipment, and buildings. It is possible to remove the requirement for maintenance personnel to visit dangerous locations in order to monitor equipment by utilizing IoT platforms. 

Improved building management efficiency and safety are the end results. RPA’s ongoing development has the potential to completely change the way facilities management is done. It may pave the way for a future that is smarter, more connected, and environmentally friendly.


Businesses are under pressure to innovate in order to stay up to date with the newest trends as facilities management continues to expand in scope and complexity. Trends show how important facility management is to the overall performance of contemporary businesses, therefore they must be ready to take a complete approach to transformation. 

Facility managers must therefore incorporate these developments into a workable framework that streamlines facility management procedures. 

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