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Quick and Easy Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Home Sparkling Between Professional


Keeping your home clean can feel like a constant battle, and while professional cleaning services are a lifesaver, they are not a practical everyday solution.

Truth be told, keeping your home clean isn’t such a big deal, with some good planning, scheduling and timely cleaning you can easily keep your home clean without breaking a sweat.

Checkout some of our tips and tricks and cleaning hacks to ensure your house stays tidy between professional cleanings. 

  • Make time for cleaning

One of the best ways to ensure your home stays spotless is by scheduling all your cleaning activities and chores. You can categorise tasks based on daily, weekly or monthly routines. This helps you remember which tasks require your attention the most and you can attend to it immediately. 

This ensures your chores do not pile up and your house does not descend into chaos. For example the hour after dinner could be your time to do the day’s dishes, Wednesdays could be laundry day,and Tuesday for dusting.

Professional cleaners say that having a system helps them cut the cleaning system in half

  • Avoid clutter

It is so easy to develop clutter even within a short span of time, so make sure to take that extra minute to put things where they belong once you’re done using it. This could be as simple as putting your clothes in the wardrobe or reracking shoes or putting away tools once you’re done with them. 

Taking this extra time can save you a lot of time and from endlessly searching things and not finding them and also makes your place look very neat and organised.

  • Assign tasks to everyone

You do not have to do everything by yourself, if you are living with your friends, family, or partner make sure everyone is involved in the cleaning process. Assign specific tasks to people keeping in mind their age and ability. This not only makes people more responsible and independent but it also makes them mindful about keeping the place clean.

  • Focus on the hotspots

While cleaning you’ll notice that some spots are more likely to get dirty and easily stain, these are the hotspots like your kitchen stove, countertop, and your toilet. Focus on these spots regularly. 

  • Respond swiftly on stains

    Accidents are unavoidable, but when they do occur address them immediately else they become very hard to get rid off. Keep some stain-removal products handy for incidents like food stains, mud stains  and act fast when they happen.

    • The two-minute rule

      The two-minute rule is a simple but very effective way of ensuring your home is sparkling clean. According to this rule if a cleaning task takes less than two minutes to complete, do it right away, it could be things like washing dishes, folding your laundry and making your bed. 

      • Use the Right Tools

        In your fight against stains, dirt and dust you need the right set of tools to effectively clean your home. Invest in high quality brooms, mops, microfiber cloths, vacuums and scrubs.

        They  make cleaning efficient and faster. Use multitasking cleaners to avoid clutter and if you do not invest in separate products for  each cleaning job.


        With these hacks it is easier than ever to maintain a sparkling clean home, so what are waiting for? Put on your gloves and start cleaning. 

        It is important to stay consistent to ensure a well maintained home, and your house will look like it was cleaned by professionals. 

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