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An innovative service package, the ARMS, gives a comprehensive maintenance solution for an apartment, including concierge / Household Support services for greater comfort of the householders. The ARMS package combines Facilities Management with Smarthome solutions to provide a complete maintenance solution of the apartment.

Area of Business

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Software Technology Parks, IT Parks and BPO Segment

CORE I ensures robust security management for Software Technology Parks, IT Parks, and the BPO segment, employing advanced technology and strategic protocols. Our tailored solutions guarantee a secure operational environment, fostering confidence and peace of mind in these dynamic sectors.

Large Industrial Complex, Manufacturing Units

CORE I excels in providing robust security management for Large Industrial Complexes and Manufacturing Units, employing advanced systems and protocols to safeguard assets and operations. Our comprehensive solutions ensure a secure and resilient environment for industrial facilities.

Stock Yard, Ware House, Cold Storage Units

CORE I ensures top-notch security management for Stock Yards, Warehouses, and Cold Storage Units, employing advanced strategies to safeguard valuable assets and inventory. Our tailored solutions prioritize the protection of goods and operations in these critical storage environments.

Financial Institution, Banks and Educational Institutions

CORE I specializes in security management for Financial Institutions, Banks, and Educational Institutions, employing cutting-edge measures to ensure a secure and compliant environment. Our comprehensive solutions prioritize the safety of assets and stakeholders in these diverse sectors.

Malls, Multiplexes, Shopping Complex and Super Markets

CORE I offers adept security management for Malls, Multiplexes, Shopping Complexes, and Supermarkets, implementing tailored solutions to ensure a safe and secure retail environment. Our strategies prioritize the protection of customers, assets, and operations in these dynamic commercial spaces.

Project Construction Site

CORE I offers security management for Project Construction Sites, implementing vigilant measures to safeguard personnel, equipment, and materials. Our tailored solutions ensure a secure and controlled environment, fostering the successful and safe execution of construction projects.

Hospitals And Health Units

CORE I specializes in security management for Hospitals and Health Units, ensuring a safe and secure environment for patients, staff, and critical medical assets. Our comprehensive solutions prioritize the unique security needs of healthcare facilities, promoting a conducive and protected setting for healing and care.

Toll Plaza and Commercial Tax Collection Centres on Highway

CORE I ensures robust security management for Toll Plazas and Commercial Tax Collection Centers on highways, employing advanced measures to safeguard revenue collection and maintain smooth operations. Our strategic solutions prioritize the security of financial transactions and infrastructure in these critical highway facilities.

Resorts, Holyday Homes, Amusement/ Theme Parks and Apartments / Villas

CORE I provides in security management for Resorts, Holiday Homes, Amusement/Theme Parks, and Apartments/Villas, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for residents and visitors. Our tailored solutions prioritize the protection of recreational spaces and residential areas, fostering a secure environment for leisure and living.

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