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The field of facilities management, or FM, is committed to helping people. It guarantees the built environment’s efficiency, sustainability, safety, and comfort—that is, the structures in which we live, work, and are surrounded.

As defined by ISO,

Facility Management is an organizational function which integrates people, place and process within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business.

From the parking lot to the executive suite, this arrangement of job duties supports each organization’s activities to create a seamless environment where all systems function together. Through the coordination of the various activities that contribute to the success of the built environment, facility managers ensure that we enjoy the safest and greatest experience possible.

What Do Facility Managers Do?

Whether it’s a factory, office, hospital, mall, airport, museum, or stadium, someone is always making sure the structure and all of its parts are operating as intended. The individual is a manager of facilities. Facility managers (FMs) ensure that buildings serve their intended objectives, staff are healthy and productive, and systems within the built environment function as they should.

There are numerous titles and professional options available to facility managers. They are in charge of planning, assessing, and maintaining building systems, among other areas of facility management, however they are frequently not referred to as facility managers. There are other roles that facility managers can play, such as:

  • Building operations include grounds care, cleaning, security, and upkeep.
  • Reentry procedures and guidelines
  • Response and mitigation for emergencies and disasters
  • Planning for sustainability
  • Budgeting and project management
  • Space planning and real estate management
  • Planning for business continuity
What Is The Relevance Of Facility Management?

Safety and health have become paramount as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fast expansion of the FM sector. The way FM teams do business and address day-to-day difficulties is evolving due to technological advancements, green initiatives, and other contemporary trends.

  • Increase the effectiveness of operations
  • Organise and provide the infrastructure required to boost output.
  • Control threats to buildings, personnel, suppliers, and the reputation of your company.
  • lessen and mitigate the influence on the environment
  • Encourage the use of sustainable strategies for long-term cost control.
  • Make use of technology advancements
  • Reduce the impact of and recover from natural catastrophes
  • Ensure adherence Utilise security

FM remains a crucial component of going back to work following the pandemic. Many facility managers are now concentrating on making sure that offices accommodate changing workforces and organisations while also providing the safest working environments. Corporate governance, social, and environmental issues are beginning to be impacted by the profession. Instead of concentrating just on the financial line, facility managers assist each organisation in achieving its social goals, which include ethical and responsible investing, sustainability, and overall effect.

How Intellisol Beams In Facility Management?

With twenty years of experience, at INTELLISOL INTEGRATED SERVICES PVT LTD we have made it our mission to provide businesses and individuals with a safe, comfortable, and technologically enabled workplace. 

With our 4M-based solutions—Man, Machine, Materials, and Methods—which utilise state-of-the-art technology, specially trained personnel, and bespoke solutions to handle every facet of building maintenance and security services, we assist organisations as their tech-savvy arm.

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