Different Jobs in Facilities Management

jobs in facility management

Our Blog DIFFERENT JOBS IN FACILITIES MANAGEMENT In the field of facility management, building maintenance is a talent that calls for diligence, commitment, and creativity. Even though building management might not seem like much, becoming a competent property manager demands a great deal of enthusiasm for people—their well-being, productivity, and safety. A large number of […]

What is Facilities Management?

facility management

Our Blog WHAT IS FACILITIES MANAGEMENT? The field of facilities management, or FM, is committed to helping people. It guarantees the built environment’s efficiency, sustainability, safety, and comfort—that is, the structures in which we live, work, and are surrounded. As defined by ISO, Facility Management is an organizational function which integrates people, place and process […]

In-House V/S Outsourced Facility Management Services- Which Approach To Take

inhouse vs outsource facility management

Our Blog IN-HOUSE V/S OUTSOURCED FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES- WHICH APPROACH TO TAKE The age-old debate: should we hire people inside or contract out our property management needs? Which services should you outsource and which should you keep in-house? Check out in detail of in house v/s outsourced facility management services  and which approach one should […]

What are Integrated Facility Management Services?

Integrated Facility Management

Our Blog WHAT ARE INTEGRATED FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES? A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE Nobody likes to do a single task using ten different platforms. The same is true for facility management. Well, you must be wondering what exactly is Integrated Facility Management (IFM). Integrated facility management (IFM) is the consolidation of facility management initiatives under a single, cohesive […]

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